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Dental Tourism

The patient's dental tourism programs from other countries, and the Romans settled abroad have the opportunity to visit picturesque places in Romania, while benefiting from a complete dental solutions at prices much more attractive than in other European countries. We Romani patients and foreign patients from other countries the opportunity to benefit from our elite auxiliary movements in the country, personal or business.

Romania has recognized tourism potential and unique areas in the world. Patients receiving treatment Safiredent performance, made with the latest materials and equipment to international standards. Priority services are under the sign of the constant care and treatments.

In the well-known land of Oltenia, Craiova is the capital of this region, city money as it is called, offers visitors a multitude of wonderful places full of history. In this city you can admire: Art Museum, National Theatre, Cathedral of St. Demetrius, N.Romanescu Park and many other attractions with high historical significance.

Offers tourists all the facilities required for a pleasant accommodations, having already offers great accommodation and meals with partner companies, hoping for a memorable stay.

"Quality of work is the continuation of life harmonious, healthy, responsible!"

Where to find us?

Romania / Dolj / Craiova
Str. General Dragalina, Nr. 50A
Phone: +004 0351 426 632
Email: office@safiredent.ro